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6 Money Making Niches For Nigerian Graduates



6 niches for nigerians


Are you back from your NYSC mission and don’t have any idea what to do with the little cash you’ve saved from your service? Then read on…In fact the most interesting thing about these 6 lucrative homebiz niche markets for Nigerian graduates is that they contain lots and lots of sub-niches which you can specifically focus on with the little capital you have with you.

Again you can begin any of them with just a little initial capital investment which you can increase as you make profit.

Yes, a lot of guys, many of them fresh-out-from-school graduates are helping themselves become self-employed and financially secure doing one or two of the 6 lucrative homebiz I am about to show you, and you are no different.

To begin I am going to start with the first three niche market which are forever evergreen and without end and so is their money making potential too. These three niche markets solve three of the basic needs of man and they are

  • Food Niche Market
  • Clothes niche market
  • Shelter niche market


Let’s analyze the first-food/Beverage niche market

This is One of The Most Lucrative niche Markets In Nigeria that sells like crazy and has no end-

food is  essential to life. It is an unavoidable necessity ,as a result this niche market tops the chart of our list because of its already hot IN demand and quite an ease to setup a quick homebiz around.

You can start a food item production or supply from home and since food is a constant need there’s no lack of customers in this niche market. It is one of the most evergreen niche markets you can target and profit many times over.

It has tons and tons of sub-niches in it which you can specifically target or focus on, then, when you’ve gotten a list of loyal customers to your side you can make ends meet.

I mean make real cash into your pockets.

This niche market is so hot that you can find big brand names like Indomie noodles, Mr. Biggs, Struan’s, Tummy-Tummy foods etc. targeting specific sub-niches in this niche market, and you can do the same.

I know what you are thinking right now you are wondering how you can possibly compete with these big brands because you don’t have the kind of capital they have.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to target the same sub niche they’re targeting, no.

You are going to dig deeper in the same niche market they are in to find out food items that are less capital intensive or competitive to startup with right there where you live and gain traction from there.

foo niche for nigerians










Food /Beverage sub-niches that are lucrative

Here is a list of food or beverage sub niche you can target and start up with a small capital say with N40,000.00

  • Pure groundnut oil local Production
  • Red palm oil supply
  • Food Spices supply from com merchants
  • Fresh Vegetable supply
  • Herbal teas
  • Goat rearing; BUY at N3,000 and sell at N7,000 per goat. You’ll need a grassland,a simple well ventilated goat store and a secure goat stand, a simple waste disposal system for a start
  • Dry foods e.g. grains, dehiscent fruits
  • Nuts and root tuber supply.e.g potatoes, yams,cassava and special cassava stems or specie,groundnuts,walnuts
  • Whole Grains supply e.g. Rice, wheat flour packaging
  • Fruit Syrup preparations for pharmaceutical companies
  • Foods/beverages specifically targeted invalid for healing e.g. diabetics, hypertensive people, overweight people etc.
  • Barbecue for bars and restaurants
  • Local made snacks and candies
  • Dry/fresh Fish supply or Storage
  • Offer freezing storage facility and services for fisheries* Requires up to N400,000 for freezer and power but this is hot!!!!
  • Packaged dry vegetables
  • Packaged stock fish (codfish cut into cubes)
  • Dry Pepper supply- requires about N40,000 to start from home using your home as storage.You’ll need a wheel barrow a few measuring cups and basin.A full bag of dry pepper in my area is sold for N18,000-N20,000 then you can retail it in measurements to small scale food stuff reseller. checkout ruling price for your location


  • Onions supply(small scale supplier or wholesale)
  • Chilled Bottled zobo or dry packaged zobo drink
  • Dehydrated carrots, cabbages, lettuce etc. For cooking events available on


  • Local Soup thickening condiments

These are a little list of sub-niches in the food niche market that big brands don’t focus on but which are lucrative to target and there are still millions more just get creative

You can leave the big niches for the big brands and focus on these little sub-niches and believe me they certainly sell like hot cakes


                  What you can do

what you can doYou can obtain food/beverage license, From Your Local Govt. Area, get registered, outsource and design your own product label, packaging and market your product professionally with a simple branding.

You can outsource the product label design of your niche food product to experienced local printing press companies.

You’ll have to target the ‘mom and pop’ type of printing press companies to do the job (not those high classed printing press companies that will charge you an arm or a leg) so that you get a good and affordable deal.

If you have Photoshop skills you can cut the cost of proffessional label and packaging design by doing it yourself on your computer and then outsource the printing part of it to the printing press companies. This will certainly save you some cash to use elsewhere in your business.

Outsource a batch of nicely designed fancy nylon packaging materials to package your goods cheaply. You may not have to cover the whole Nigeria but you can cover where you live, state or location and get traction from there.

In your street, local Govt. Area or state there is a food item or beverage that is often in demand but often lacking in steady supply…that’s an opportunity for you to begin as a supplier for that food or beverage item just take up some courage and do some research in the place you live. Ask traders without giving them the hint that you have interest.

If it needs importing, you can always visit alibaba.com, and lookup merchants in the food and beverage section that supply it.


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Then you make an enquiry for a trial sample or two and start from there I know of three to 4 of my friends that do this

And they started with just an initial investment of 30-40,000 naira


Clothes Niche Markets: This is another huge niche market that offer importation and local supply opportunities here in Nigeria. It has tons and tons of lucrative sub-niches.

You can take advantage of the latest fashion fads of the moment that are hot either foreign or local and supply them where you are.

Starting up your own brand is easy if you want to go that way…You can meet a skilled tailor show him your design buy some materials for him to produce for you and start your supply from there. If the design and quality meets good approval you’ve gotten yourself a good source of steady income.

As a matter of fact you can do this kind of business while in school or out of school.

Study the type of clothes design students in different faculties of learning go for then produce something similar using the service of a skilled tailor and you’re set.

I actually have a cousin that does this and he has become popular in his school for this

Why is this Niche market hot?

This niche market is hot because it’s a must-have like food, and it also taps into the powerful motivative forces of the tastes and passion of men.

Men, women, young guys, and trend conscious ladies want to look their best to command the greatest attention they can get and earn the highest respect possible through what they wear and that’s a powerful motivation that pushes them to buy wears that portrays wealth, charisma, their lifestyle etc.

This consuming motive has given rise to a lot of categories in the clothing niche market…categories like

  • Clothes and add-on for Men,
  • Clothes and add-on for women ,
  • Clothes and add-on for Girls,
  • Clothes and add-on for Guys,
  • Clothes and add-on for Babies,
  • Clothes and add-on for Toddlers,
  • Occasion/ceremonial wears
  • Clothes and add-ons for pets
  • Clothe materials for stuffed toys

These lists of categories have sub niches.  These sub niches contain an army of fashion conscious youths, middle aged men, Fat ladies, slim ladies, mothers and fathers that have good tastes in what they wear on their body, head, hands, fingers, foot or on and around their neck.

 Clothing sub-niches that are lucrative and hot

Girls Clothes Niche

  • Girls Hair wears,- Human hair weave-on, low cost high quality hair attachments, hair cosmetics
  • Eye beauty fix i.e. eye lashes,
  • Lips Cosmetics i.e. lip gloss,
  • Cloned Celebrity pants, shirts, bra, pants, sexy wears, lingerie,
  • Gold neck laces, rings,
  • Simple native designs with hand bags with  a gaga touch,
  • Shoes and sandals, Rubber foot wears,
  • Nice Hats etc.
  • Fancy umbrella


These are all micro niches you can explore in the girls category to get a specific niche to focus.

 hot tip

Just get creative and use your imagination

Guys Clothes Niche

  • Guys love Jeans and specialty  combat wear
  • Celeb Sun spectacles/goggles
  • Italian shoes which are known for high quality
  • Native designer shirts with a foreign twist
  • Simple sneakers, gangster scarfs
  • Jerseys for their favorite football clubs
  • Nice masculine perfumes
  • Wrist watches and digital stuff
  • Sportswear kits and gear
  • Football boots
  • Gold teeth
  • Professional job clothes
  • Tattoos and earrings
  • Celeb and professional purses



  • Local Cultural wears- Ukwudike, Okpu agu e.t.c
  • Corporate wears-suites and assorted ties and bow ties
  • Gold plaited watches
  • Gym clothes
  • Gym foot wares
  • Walking sticks
  • Fancy umbrellas
  • Beads-if you can do creative designs with beads this niche is a sure hit
  • Fancy slippers
  • Sandals- Mister, opanka
  • Underwear’s
  • Jeans wears too
  • Shoes-italian, Dino,dolce Gabana

Mothers clothes niche

Mothers love classy wears and who says they’re less concerned of fashion and looking trendy, being tasked with taking care of the family? Not at all

Here are a bit of the best sellers of all time

  • Foreign hollandaise
  • Georges
  • Wrappers-Nturikas, superprints, Obidiya etc
  • Head ties
  • Gold necklaces
  • Wrist watches
  • Cover shoes
  • Earings
  • Beads
  • High heels
  • Sandals
  • Fancy slippers
  • Underwears
  • Bras of all sizes
  • Blouses of all types
  • Yep some jeans wear too
  • Occasional& Casual Handbags/ Purses
  • Assorted Cosmetics-


There are mothers that can spend up to a 100grand or more on clothing alone if the taste, quality and design look right and there are tons of places online you can easily obtain these classes of wears cheaply to market to these types of mothers but be sure you don’t fall short on quality and design.

There are some trending fashion designs that are selling hot for ladies, mothers many of these trendy designs are found in popular fashion design magazines.

try this tipHere is an actionable plan to carry out: get any fashion and design magazine. It must be current. flip through the designs choose a few of the designs that are well designed and trendy. Now take your selection and conduct a public opinion poll targeted at ladies privately once you’ve proven a design and found it widely accepted among women THEN meet a skilled tailor or fashion designer

Let him cost how much it will take to cut and sew your selected list of designs then get the materials to sew them about five piece then try to market them or locate a seller and sell your product to her or better still do what we call cold calling.All you do is get the phone numbers of boutique shop owners, fashion design and sale shops, or stores and then talk it over with them without them soliciting for your business.

This works sometimes, only, if you can get past their sulky receptionists to the boss then you can sweet talk him or her into the deal. A simple conversation like this can land you a deal from the boss something like this below

Hello sir! Good evening/morning/afternoon… this is Dwayne fashion and design company, I came across your beautiful array and selection of trending clothes range and design and found it impressive and also a good idea to bring you top quality designed clothes which you could use to add to your most beautiful selection of corporate wares/native ware/ —whatever type or brand  of fashion it is the dealer or store owner deals in—I will come over to your shop office or business with a few samples of my products and you can check them out’  end of call

If everything goes well and the store owner eventually accepts your proposal you’ve won yourself a contract. Congratulations!

Make sure you let him know that you can also produce on demand


Babies Clothes Niche: yes this is one big sub niche in the clothing niche. We want our babies, toddlers,to look their best and represent us in public as parents that are really taking care of their offsprings.

This passion and motive lead us to spend on different types of stuffs for them to keep them comfortable… here is where you have tons of profitable laser focused sub niches ranging from

  • baby shoes,
  • Baby nanny devices
  • Baby clothes/weather clothing, hair cosmetics
  • Baby eye care
  • ody cosmetics,
  • Baby sports gear,
  • Baby Monitor electronics,
  • tricycles,
  • Prams,
  • Pampers that keeps a baby dry
  • Infant Baby foods/formulas that don’t cause weight issues
  • To medications that are used during child development stages…etc. all these are interesting and profitable sub niches in the babies category which you can exploit.

You can focus on these micro niches within the clothing niche market and make ends meet that way. But this is good to do after you’ve done real market research to find out what sells hot in these categories in your area


                  How to make A Simple local Market Research

                  In your area AND find a Lucrative Need

You don’t know how to make market researches? Ok not to worry here is an easy step by step method you can adapt for use to discover what works in your area and offer it to interested prospects

Make a list of items that sell hot in your area. You can discover this by spying what major dealers in your area are constantly stocking repeatedly. It could be food items, clothes, computer services, baby items, etc.

  1. Make a demographic research of your specific area to know the percentage of dependent population e.g. Babies and aged people to independent population e.g. youths and young adults of age range 12- 45,and also determine the kind of settlement. Is it rural or urban? These are very important metrics to consider


  1. What is the percentage? Are there more youths in your area or more aged people or young parents? This can give you a hint of the likely products that can sell in that area successfully. Are there more scholars, handcraft men and women. Or office type work force?
  2. Separate the selected products into niche markets/seasonal/non seasonal. Now compare the selected hot products to the result of the demographics. Does the selected range of hot selling product reflect the demographics? Is there a niche market in the total result that is not being catered for well? Can you take advantage of that by going into it? Is competition in these niche products tough? Is there any get around you can apply to beat the competition in terms of price, design, quality, or customer support. Going the extra mile can give you an edge over your competitors
  3. Is there Where to find cheap suppliers of your chosen products or better designers or producers or can you produce it yourself?


Now You can try asking… but I know none of the merchants will be willing to give you this information. But a polite asking may not go amiss…you can be successful with an unwary seller who isn’t that interested to your know your intention


You can also ask merchants apprentices…now thats a potent backdoor spying technique there. 9 out of ten times I’ve been successful with this sneaky stealth technique.  Alternatively you can look up your local directory of producers and see if you can get a list of suppliers of the product you intend to market.

Or simply register with your local market traders union or association as a marketer this will make most merchants ease up with you to show you a few sources and once you hook up with your first supplier you’ll get to know of more suppliers that offer the same product you are interested in and at lower prices.


  1. Once you’ve determined these You can now determine if you are cut for it financially(do you have the capital?),emotionally(do like selling it for a long time) would you do it wholesale or retail or both its up to you

Make sure you obtain a clear picture of the results of your research make reasonable decision before you plunge right into business

We’ve treated No.1 and No. 2 of the hottest, evergreen, and most profitable items on this planet now let’s get into the area of the 3rd hottest item-shelter

Shelter niche market

 Have you ever slept out in the cold before how did it feel? Bad wasn’t it? And when you are comfortably sitting in your living room watching your favorite movie with some popcorn and milk within easy reach while the rain pours down in torrents outside… You are glad you’re tucked away comfortably on your sofa away from the rain the cold and unpleasant feeling of cold hard water splashing on you in buckets drenching and soaking you wet.

Thank God that you have one.There are many that don’t that squirm day after day in the cold dying to get the opportunity.

The point is, shelter is a very hot item amongst the very three basic needs of man and men will stop at nothing to afford one as tenants or as landlords. It is an essential need so it is evergreen day in day out.

The shelter niche has a ton of lucrative sides to it and according to real estate experts, shelter is one of the quickest wealth making avenues available on this planet.

Available hot sub-niches under this niche market include:

  1. Real estate business niche-buying, renovating and selling houses for profit. You can make a living just by targeting this one particular niche. All you got to do is buy a land in a very good location then fence it. Build a nice attractive low cost house and then sell it for profit .or buy an existing property in a good location, renovate it sell it for profit or lease it out in rent to tenants and then live off their monthly house rents
  2. Building construction niche-if you’ve got skill and the expertise to build homes for clients this is another exciting money making niche you can choose to explore-of course you’ll need to know how to read, understand, how to execute building plans and projects .This shelter building skill can fetch you thousands to millions of Naira in returns as profit depending on the size of the building project You’ll also need a license and specialized training- formal or semi-formal. You’ll need to attach yourself to an already established building construction engineer to get traction and recognition from there. Or alternatively you can simply brave it. set up a building construction company make a lot of buzz (advertisement) about it to gain attention and then employ skilled building engineers to work for you. You negotiate the project they execute the job you pay them and secure your own profit simple as that.


  1. Building plans designing niche-can you draw nice cool trending building plans or designs at affordable prices for clients?. there are a lot of resources online where you can get inspiration on standards, measures and practices in the building plan designs industry
  2. Building materials supply niche- sell rods, roofing sheets, gravels, sand or cement supply
  3. Cement supply niche-this niche is especially good and profitable to set up in remote villages where building projects are on the constant go and where there is less competition.


In rural areas buildings are popping up at amazing speed due to the availability of cheap good lands and this calls for the need of cement supply since this is one of the major building material requirements for building a block house


You can locate your cement supply company there to make an avalanche of profits.


Do you know you can become a cement supply distributor with Dangote Cement as well as other cement producer companies like BUA, Bur ham, etc. it as simple as following the steps below  and get a few documents ready


The following documents are required before you begin application:

  • Copy of your company Registration Certificate
  • A scanned copy of Your bank reference letter
  • A detailed application letter to become a distributor
  • Passport of the company’s CEO( that is your own passport)


Then to top it all you’ll need to

  • Make a minimum purchase of onetime 600 bags of cement at least for a month per month on cash and delivery


Hint: This is about N870, 000 in startup capital… wow! Not a small cheese I guess :) but think of bank loans

Then to send the document applications to cementdistributor@dangote.com

Alternatively you can call Customer Care hotlines: 01-4616193, 01-4616196 and 01-4630569.


You can also contact the Group head of corporate communications in Lagos state Ikoyi: below is the Company physical contact address


3rd Floor,

Union Marble House,

1 Alfred Rewane Road, Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos.


Your profit ranges from N120, 000 to N190, 000 per 600 bags sold.

This is dependent on 3 factors-factory price changes, haulage (transportation cost) and location where you sell the cements.


You’ll need a warehouse to rent, and transportation means for conveying the 600 bags of cement from the factory to your warehouse plus cost to pay un-loaders who will carry the bags from truck into your store room. Make sure your storage room is dry and moisture free. You should make sure you don’t place the bags directly on the floor but on dry wood placed on the floor. Your warehouse should also have enough space to permit easy movement. Also ensure you have a good iron clad door for security.



Let’s go ahead with the sixth sub-niche under the shelter niche market


6.Haulage niche: this niche involve the transportation of large building materials like rods, roofing sheets, ceilings, timber for roofing purposes, consumer goods from factories, etc. You need a trailer or haulage truck to startup in this niche. You may opt for hired purchase or get your own  haulage truck or you can buy a refurbished one.


Haulage trucks come in different range engine capacities, and sizes so be sure to purchase one that can carry lots of haulage items in one go


You’ll need to have your own haulage truck maintenance team to do weekly routine checks to make sure your truck is in good condition and remain compliant to road safety standards.


You’ll need a skilled driver, or if you can drive you can take the task up yourself. You’ll need to attach yourself to a factory or move closer to large factories, wharfs, ports where haulage services are needed. A single haulage trip can earn you tons of cash if you manage it right.

  1. ΩαHome and industrial wiring service niche-if you have electrical wiring skills for surface and conduits wiring you can outsource yourself. Or start up your own wiring service targeted at new buildings or you can still pool a group of skilled electrical wiring engineers and find wiring contracts use their service to do your business.

With this method you don’t even need to get deeply involved in the wiring project. But…You certainly need a basic knowledge of electrical wiring so that you can know when your workers are going wrong or not working to standards.

I suggest you get a formal education on this before embarking on this niche or you can obtain the help of a skilled wiring foreman who will be on the monitoring of standards and lookout for you.

They’re often paid N3000-N5000 per day. Make sure you find out the current payment structure and rates for your area you may decide to pay your engineers per month or per contract, or per hour or per day.

You’ll need to purchase a few wiring equipment for your company or let your engineers use their own.

Homeowners are more interested in opting for conduit wiring because of the pleasant aesthetic  effect it offers of not having wires running visibly on their walls. so be sure to offer this kind of wiring that’s gotten popular over the years.

You can sell home lightning fittings and appliances alongside your home wiring service and that’s an added income

Niche market number 4

Evergreen Services: Imagine a world without the tons of services running it… unimaginable huh? Services are like breathe to us we cannot do without most of them and as a result services thrive.

There are three kinds of services that I’ve come to see that are very lucrative and evergreen and they’re way lucrative here in Nigeria and all over the world here they come

Work outsourcing Niche

Alright people are always tasked with time or pressed for lack of specialized skill so they need to outsource their work and get it done. Work outsource Business niche is as broad in field as the earth is as far from the heavens.

If you’ve got skill in doing say writing or literary works you can set up a registered business firm that companies or universities can outsource research works to and make tons of cash that way.

You can gather good skilled hands and begin to receive writing jobs from the public on just about any literary project… think about local students with term papers  research projects, university lecturers with thesis to defend think about authors that need to write a book, think about graphics design etc. all in the writing outsource niche.

You can expand your level of services by offering them online too just like Elance, Guru, freelancer, script lance or you can just register with one of these online companies as a company setup a nice professional profile and showcase a few samples of your service.

There are other tons of niches where work outsourcing is needed niches like

Cleaning services, Daycare nanny services, Construction work, food processing etc.

I know of a company that’s specialized in doing concrete casting work for building construction companies. The owner makes use of a concrete mixing machine, about 5 skilled masons and a lot of unskilled laborers to get the work done. When he lands a big job he simply employs more of the unskilled labor to work with his existing skilled masons and that’s the company.

They’ve successfully gotten good recommendation by offering good service times without number ,now this man’s success is spreading like wild fire. You can copy and apply the same with any expertise you now possess


Education Based Niches

More and more people are seeing the importance of education and are head over heels embracing it with the hope of landing a good paying white collar job preferably oil company and Telecom jobs from reputable companies like;

SHELL, Chevron, Mobil, LNG, MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL and at the end of it all live the good life.

We’ve heard and seen lives transformed by it so much that many Nigerians desperately want to have a chance. Now to a marketer, that’s a desperate market out there and desperate markets sell. So how do you make money out of this niche?

Simply sell education based info products and services that solve the pressing needs of the prospects in this hungry niche.

What kinds of info/service products work well in this niche? Well here is a few. You can

  • Sell special Cv improving Courses on behalf of a school
  • Create Special exam centers
  • School Scholarship services
  • Recruiting Services,
  • Setup Jobs networking company
  • Setup Resume writing Company
  • Register students for Jamb Waec Exams
  • Setup a Professional Extramural class
  • Sell educational books general and professional
  • Write info products on how to master very difficult courses like mathematics, or specific subjects in mathematics i.e. algebra, calculus, or geometry
  • Create a simple video that teaches a student a particular topic
  • Sell exam scratch cards,
  • Create learning improvement aids that improve memory and retention
  • Sell memory boosting medications or regimens.ie Gingko biloba

Health Based Niches

This is one of the largest, hottest and most competitive niches ever and a very lucrative one worldwide. We all need good and sound health, and this aspect of living is so much attached to our happiness in this life. What’s a wealthy man without health?

The human family in general is plagued with different types of health problems some are critical, some are deadly some are downright embarrassing and somewhere in one of my post I mentioned this niche as one of the niche categories that pay well, read it here

This niche is like an amazon and of course you know of the amazon as one of the largest and longest rivers on earth and is home to thousands of animals and plants of wonderful species this is just what the health niche looks like

3 ways you can succeed in this niche

  • You can thrive here in this niche by setup a profitable company and raise your own list of customers by just packaging and selling real specialized knowledge that improves the health of people, makes them younger, happier, lose excess weight, cure loathsome diseases. (With the appropriate authorized licensing and education of course)
  • You will thrive if you even only sell health foods, beverages, or equipment thats targeted at invalids,and convalescents
  • or just run a simple fitness and body building gym. High Profiled Places in Lagos like Festac, Ikoyi, and Anthony Villa etc. are thriving with this kind of business. It can thrive in a sub-urban village where youths

You can start from home to cut down startup cost or rent an apartment as an office where you can conveniently carry out your services.

Now if you have Herbal knowledge this will also fetch you substantial income when you write simple eBooks on how to treat a particular ailment successfully or prepare and record an audio or video of the information and package it in neat professional covers.

How to Gain Quick Traction

1.You’ll need to target a menacing disease or an embarrassing health problem for best results say something like Cancer, ulcer, impotence, fibroid, hemorrhoids, obesity, incontinence, mouth odor, arthritis, typhoid, malaria etc. Or any of the diseases that seem to defy orthodox remedies.

Certain Drugs seem not to work these days like chloroquin for example, which was successfully used to cure malaria before but not now anymore due to two factors resistant plasmodium strains and the abundance of fake drugs that have eaten into pharmaceutical industry

Again drugs that work are pretty expensive. What of the outrageous hospital bills doctors often shove under your nose just for treating a simple headache?

As you can see not everyone is cut for hospital medication because of the afore mentioned factors…so these set of people go for herbal solution because it offers a cheap but effective solution, and again nature is authentic


  1. 2. Get specialized 1on 1 training where you can learn and practice alternative medicine on a specific type of ailment

Here is a list of potential resources you can avail to help you towards achieving that

  1. 3. Buy or attend special health courses that help you upgrade your

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Herbal Cure Course Manuscript

That details you step by step

on how to Treat and cure

specific embarrassing health problems

using proven and safe industry based standards and practice

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These three steps will give you an edge above other competitors in your niche

To wrap it up you can make money with this huge niche by targeting specific sub niches that enable you to

  • offer health consultation services and coaching
  • Sell specific health products, foods, equipment
  • Offer specific disease treatment with your special orthodox/herbal knowledge
  • Provide workout centers for body building and fitness
  • Or you can be an amazon that offers all of the above
  • Or just focus on writing herbal therapies that are proven, safe and works

Think about that a little bit…



Entertainment Based Niche

ok let’s face it stress isn’t good for your health and according to medical experts stress can trigger bigger health problems like heart disease, sleeplessness, memory loss, hypertension mental ill health e.t.c.in fact according to medical stats a lot of people are ‘infected’ with this one problem even that big fat executive boss of yours that sits behind an executive desk nibbling at his fingernails with unusual sweetened relish.

Then, suddenly, entertainment comes to the rescue he reaches for the remote control, switches his executive TV on and flips through some entertainment channels and stops at his favorite.  For a moment of time he forgets his perplexing problems and relaxes his brain, nerves, and heart… he gets a new lease of life, and then goes back to real life reinforced … That’s the power of the entertainment niche.

This is a wide wide niche and covers a lot forms of entertainment sub-niches like

  • Laughter Biz Niche(‘night of a thousand laughs’ for example)
  • Music biz niche
  • Movie biz niche (Nollywood)
  • Circus biz niche
  • Costuming and decoration
  • Dancing or choreography
  • Ballet dancer niche
  • Go go girls for sports cheering
  • Podcasting-entertainment using audio information
  • Orchestra niche (this is a rich man’s niche)often for relaxation and peace of mind.The rich spend some of their time and cash here.You can hold orchestral concerts or Classic music fiesta in well secured location or public utility hall in your area with a simple designed stage a full ochestra musical equipment,and good lighting make some advertisements set a date and ticket rates and you’re set
  • Mime niche-mime shows and concerts
  • Public Origami performance
  • Magic niche- aha! this is crazy but some people love magical thrills,sleight of hand performance shows and they’re willing to pay for it.This is a popular multibillion dollar entertainment niche business industry found in America as well as other developed countries in the world and it sells like hot cakes too
  • Massage rooms and sauna baths



I certainly love music; I certainly love a good movie too and for sure a thousand people love the same and that’s because these two forms of entertainment quickly cut down stress and can take you away into sweet oblivion for a while.

STRESS as we know it is one of the major life threatening conditions one can find oneself in.it is also found as one of the underlying causes of major health problems like heart attack, hypertension, insomnia amnesia.

When your emotions get near breaking point that’s stress you need entertainments and other stress buster to release the pressure.This is where marketers in this niche make their income from by bringinging you entertainment that help you feel better

                  The Movie Niche

Most Nigerian youths and youths of the world in general are currently head over heels to become the world’s celebrated actor,poet,or actress.Nigerian youths want to be the next Omotola Jalade or the next Jim Ik or high profiled movie starr. They want to become actors and actresses because of one thing. IT certainly catapults one into ‘Rich sphere’. This is a high-paying-life-changing-celebrity-making hot niche to certainly explore. I would if I had the opportunity just for the fame.

If you can find a way to get your foot into Nollywood or if you can write a very intrigue filled movie you might get a chance to show case your talents and become the next Nkem owoh.

This one niche comes with a lot of high profit pulling opportunities.


  • offering expensive advert gigs for a wide range of industries,
  • acting opportunities in foreign movie industries for foreign currency, international exposure and recognition
  • Write or promote a song or rising artists that want some leverage etc.
  • Get easy position in government posts as an administrator

and as you can see a lot of our movie celebrities are already exploiting  these opportunities e.g. Kate Henshaw, Omotola Jalade, Jim Iyke, Nkem Owoh, to name but a few

click here to download



Wait a minute! Do you want to become a Successful Movie Producer?

Then Get my 2 spectacular ebooks

Movie Production Handbook

Movie Special Effects Mastery

Click here



For the marketer, you can

  • Setup a Registered and accredited movie actors training school
  • Setup a movie special effects firm
  • Movie production company
  • Write movie production handbooks
  • Sell movie making equipment
  • Sell good movie scripts from a website and make them available for downloads after prospects make a payment.


Or if you have movie writing skill and experience and have access to movie industries you can setup a membership site where movie script writers can come together to sell scripts to movie companies or industries

  • Setup a football match entertainment pub and sell food and drinks alongside with it there a lot of cash to be made in this homebiz niche.


Back in my school days my block mate and I started a similar business using his room. He had a whole big room all to himself so I suggested to him how we could make quick cash off the craze and extremely blinding passion of football fans in our school by bringing them international club football matches using a Hi-tv decoder and satellite dish. We would use the enormous space wasting in his self-con as the hall. he saw the money making potential of the idea and didnt mind giving it a try so he obliged.


We set off to set it up. Bought our satellite dish and subscribed for HI TV.

We made the announcement to fellow students in our rest room about our new entertainment spot and how they could watch their favorite football matches live and without stepping outside the school premises.


Their response was like a landslide. Students, all of them boys and yep some girls trooped our football entertainment hub While we were busy counting our cash made so effortlessly. We actually had no competitor within the school premises.


Students love a place they can gather,relax argue,having fun and they’ll pay… though there are a ton of free loaders but if you set it right you can definitely make a lot of cash off anything they religiously need and thats a business fact


You can setup a simple football center with about 20 plastic chairs a well-ventilated ware house, A refrigerator, a satellite dish/decoder and standing fans plus lots of snacks and barbecue


This entertainment biz niche can be setup anywhere there’s incessant power supply, lots of students, in school or out of school.


Think safety too alright?

When we started way back then in school we did it quietly and with adherence to our school rules and had no confrontation from our school authorities or whatsoever because of that,So be sure to check out what your school rules and permissions are, before you embark on following my example. Do it quietly and don’t go rocking the boat.


Another Thing-Safety you’ll have to keep away your valuable stuffs like mobile phones, wrist watches, money etc. from some students that may have itchy prying fingers if you plan to use your hostel room for the business. And of course a bouncer’s service might be needed to keep freeloaders off your business.


                  The Music Niche

The music niche is also a broad one and is making waves in Nigeria presently too and of course worldwide. If you’ve got a good voice, and can write your own music you can startup a record label of your own.


Hey Get a special EBook for this How To write A Hit Song written by one of my USA based Music Friends.You’re going to love it as it details out the very processes step by step on how to write A popular hit Song. if you want to write a bestseller song like Michael Jackson,Celin Dion,Robert Kelly,and the likes of them  then copy and apply the concepts of song writing fully disclosed in this ebookClick here to grab a copy actually I only have licenses for just 40 persons…so hurry

If you have good financial backbone you can setup a recording studio and produce other artists. Alternatively, you can employ efficient hands to do music production for you for a monthly fee.

There’s a friend of mine that does this he doesn’t know a single note in music yet he makes tons of cash each month producing music artists. He is able to do this by using the service of a skilled music production engineer.

All he did was buy standard musical equipment and employ a single music production engineer to handle production processes starting from the vocals, recording to beats and mixing.

He charges about N165, 000 per music recording and production contract to produce one finished music cd that’s ready for mass production and marketing.  You can copy that model and do the same if you want.


Here is a free Music Production handbook

And a Mix Engineers handbook

Click here to download free

You can download the two music production handbooks to have basic knowledge of how to do music production.

Here is a list of equipment you’ll need to startup

  • A High quality mixing deck
  • Music production software like Nuendo, cakewalker, Reason, FL studio
  • A high end HP desktop computer with a fast processor speed 3.0ghz Ram 4Gb with a good sound card and large hard drive of about 500GB
  • Studio mic this mic might cost you about 80 to 100k to purchase because of its professional output quality
  • High quality speakers
  • YouTube videos to help show you how to connect every of music equipment together or simply let your engineer do that for you
  • Music production handbooks


try this tipMusic Biz Suggestions:

How about running a vocal training club or school from where you live and train people on vocals, performance, and music instrument playing? You can even combine that with the above setup and it works well. This is not a new idea though but it might be a new service in your area and you might be the very first one to offer it in your area and that’s a wow advantage for your business.


If you write musicals very well you can setup a website where you sell your written songs for download together with its solfa/staff scripts to artists and musicians that can’t write their own song and make a tidy profit.


Here are some charging rates you can adapt for your use

10 songs instrumentation: 4 sessions= N15k to N60k

Voicing: 3 sessions: N15k-N45k

Mixing and Mastering: 4 sessions N15K to N60k

1000 CD’s: N45 per cd= N45, 000 for 1000 copies

1000 CD sleeves: N10 per sleeve =N10, 000 per 1000 sleeves


Alternatively you can setup a simple music shop that sells musical and movie CD make sure you stock up latest movies and find an enticing way to give customers a sneak peek into the music or movie. You can purchase a flat screen TV set and Stereo set to play the music and movie

Make sure you connect the sound output to a high quality speaker to do the trick. When they hear the sound of the music or video they’ll come out to check and buy or you can simply be a wholesale supplier to other merchants around your location.


ICT/IT Service niche

My favorite niche. This is now a major niche market in the Nigeria Market. And this is where the money at currently.

This niche market wasn’t really a buzz until the internet came and ushered in the information and communication age.

Nigerians are becoming computer literate though they still lag behind a bit in terms of effectively utilizing the internet for e-commerce.

Nigerians buy IT/ICT equipment like there’s no tomorrow. Laptops sell hot in this country like vodka in Russia or Congnac in France.

Business centers are popping up here and there every day earning their owners tons of cash from the Nigerian IT/ICT craze. And you can do just that.

Nigeria is also a mobile phone loving country and one of the largest mobile consumer countries of the world and this has brought with it tons of biz opportunities you can tap into to make ends meet. If you are interested to exploit the mobile phone niche market here is a post I did on how to setup your own profitable mobile phone business online.

There are tons of niches locked up in the ict/it niche market and I ‘m going to list some of them below for you to avail and do more research on. Here they come

  • Computer repair firms
  • Computer education centers
  • Graphics design training
  • Data recovery business
  • Recharge printing and selling business
  • pay phone center
  • Telecom equipment drop shipping
  • Digital Publishing i.e. informational products
  • Phone repair services
  • Sell solar battery chargers – importing of mobile phone battery, mobile phones, phone casing and screen guards
  • mobile phone repair training services
  • Digital camera repairs
  • Digital photography printing services
  • Photography school and training center

Be sure to explore any one of these and see what you can find. Also find out which one of them is lacking in your community so that you can seize the opportunity to start offering the ICT/IT service.

Ok fella that does it! The ball is now on your court. Don’t add this information as another pleasant feather to your hat, act on it with proper discretion and get self-employed.

Hey! Are there other niches I did not cover that are way lucrative? Let me know by commenting below and please share this article ok and let your friends know about it. Who knows, a friend of yours might find it useful. So go ahead and share it to show your appreciation.

Keep waiting because there’s still some juicy info coming up next



PS: if you need an authoritative guide that shows you how to import professionally from china like Wal-Mart, Amazon etc. Then Get my China importation Business Secrets eBook

Easy Authors Resource Without Writing Code

authors resource naira homebiz tip

Authors Resource Tip

Have you been wondering how to create an Authors Resource information whenever you are posting article to article directories? Simple as it sounds it’s not that easy since you have to write a bit of ‘simple” code that will contain the anchor text that links back from the article to your site.

Author’s resource contains 3 important elements which are the ‘take’ you get from those that will eventually read your piece and from the article directory where you posted it

These three elements are:
• A short byline about you and what you do
• Html code containing your anchor text which links back to a relevant page on your website
• A call to action
You must be sure whenever you want to create your author resource to include this three elements so as to obtain maximum benefit from your article submission

Why Do You Need An Author Resource?
Here’s why

1. The author byline gives your visitor brief information about you, your qualification, and experience
2. The html code like the one below

anchor text code

Authors Resource html code

provides you Seo and traffic benefits BY transferring some of the traffic that will come to read your post at the article directory to your offer, website, videos, podcast whatever you plan to direct them towards as well as some link juice to boost your ranking if the article directory site doesn’t have a ‘no follow’ meta tag to their site
3. Your call to action at the end of your author’s resource prompts your reader to actually visit your website where you have more of the information he is eager to access
For example
Below is an example of an author resource byline you can adapt for your use on article directories that permit links back to your website

‘James Emetu is an internet marketer, Publisher, Husband and Father. He has an M.Sc. in Marketing and currently he heads Nairahomebiz Plc. Small Business Based in Parlin, New Jersey. USA’
For more info and tips on Authors resource visit

 here is a list of article directories you can post your article in for traffic as well as for Seo benefits they permit at least a link back to your website.

Ezinearticles according to their new policy is ‘no follow’
To make things easier for you I came across a simple free service where you can create a simple but powerful author resource using the model above in combination with this amazing online based software that writes your authors resource for you. All you need do is put in the necessary information it requires and then click create. And it cranks out for you to copy and paste a complete well-crafted authors resource. It is an invaluable tool
Here is the link to it
Author Resource-box-generator the process on how to use this tool is self-explanatory and easy to follow you will be over and done in a couple of seconds so what are you waiting for get up and go

5 homebiz Fail proof Steps That Ensure Survival


5 fail proof Homebiz stepsDid you know that, in the world general   70% of small businesses fail in the first twelve months? For those of us who would like to start a small business — maybe even work from home — that’s a very disturbing statistic.


Does that mean that your business idea is doomed to failure? Not at all! There are candid steps you can take that greatly increase your chances of success. With a little time and some serious research you can hit the ground running. Let’s do this starting from the very beginning shall we


The Light Bulb Moment

First, of course, you need to come up with an idea. Basically, business opportunities can be divided into four separate groups:


  1. Offering an existing product/service in an existing market.
  2. Introducing an existing product/service to a new market.
  3. Offering a new product/service in an existing market
  4. Introducing a new product/service to a new market.


At this stage of the course the only limit you can have is your imagination. Inspiration can come from anywhere – events, pressing life situation, or maybe you have a hobby that you’d like to turn into a full-time job; you may be on the receiving end of bad service one day and decide to try doing it better yourself; or you may have a talent that you’d like to capitalise on.


Once you’ve come across something that you’d like to do, it’s time to take a look at the market and see what’s on offer.


The 1million Dollar  Idea Scrutiny

So you’ve had a great idea and you’re keen to roll with it; now it’s time to put it through its paces. For the purpose of the exercise, let’s say that you have a passion for graphics design, and that you want to distribute a range of graphics accessories that promote graphics design with a do-it-yourself approach.


Ask around: Is there a market for products that promote graphics design? What sorts of products are available? Who would you be competing with and what do your competitors offer? Do you have the necessary skills to run such a business and — more to the point — what would those skills be? Where would your business be located?


Once you’ve answered those questions you should have a fairly clear picture of what your business will look like.


You source some products and decide to do some further research into the range of graphics products offered by a company named GraphicKits. Your own life experience plus some work you’ve done as a graphics artist has given you the necessary skill sets, and you think that you’ll be able to work from home, giving you more time for family. There is an existing market, but there’s room for expansion. Now it’s time to take a deeper look.


The Decision Moment?


It’s time to get down to the parts and parcel of your small home biz idea. You don’t want to jump into something feet first and find out the hard way that the budget just doesn’t work.


To get started, sit down and work out if you need to hire staff or not ,which means paying wages or doing it yourself.


If you lease a premises you’ll need to be able to pay the rent, and your location will have to be suitable for your business and target market (which also means that you’ll have to think carefully about just what that target market is). You’ll also need to work out the likely demand for your product or service.


Ok… you’ve worked out that there is enough demand for good graphics scripts, software, pen and ink and other high end accessories to take a shot at a distributorship as a home-based business opportunity. Now you need to make some marketing decisions.


Targeted Advertising tactic


Advertising can be costly so you’ll want to be sure that your advertising budget is spent wisely. That means more market research, this time one-on-one. Profile your customer groups so you can aim your marketing at the right group/s of people.


Draw up a survey (a short survey — people run out patience if you ramble for too long) and hang around outside a few of the local graphics design hubs (for our particular example). Come up with a mixture of open questions (What do you think of……..?) and closed questions (Do you have a graphics design software? Yes/No.); they can be useful too.


For our graphics design business, a good question might be ‘How did you hear about this graphics design company? Radio, TV, newspaper, word of mouth etc…’ Such a question would then give you an indication of the types of media that your target group responds best to.


Choose a business name, print up some business cards, buy some stock and get ready to trade!


Measure it, manage it!


A Business tutor of mine made the point that, in business, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.


You need to be able to plan ahead, and to do that you need to know — or to be able to accurately predict — your total sales. The equation is simple:

Number of customers x Average sale x Frequency of visits per customer per year = total sales.

Remember it, revise it often, measure your business and you’ll be able to manage it!


Keep an eye on your bottom line and, most importantly, always be aware of your cash flow — the cold, hard cash that you have in the bank. Allow for invoice period (about 14 days, 30 days etc.) when you’re planning your budget.


The market place has a life of its own, and no one can prepare for every contingency. Put some thought into your idea; make sure that there’s a market for what you’re offering; research, research, research; promote your business effectively; always know what’s going on in your bank account and don’t forget about cash flow!


This is not a perfect guide but valuable experience gotten from successful small homebiz owners , and if you follow these few simple steps, you’ll be miles ahead of many new small business ventures.

If you’ve heard of a great home-based business opportunity, or have a product or service of your own to market, you’re off to a great start with the above advices. See you at the top

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Seo Web Directory Tactic For Quality Traffic

seo web directory image

The Seo Web Directory

Are you considering using a Seo web directory for generating traffic to your website? I want to encourage you to never for once doubt the power of Seo web directories in bringing real targeted traffic to your website. I utilize this method whenever I can

They’re proven, and yes, Seo web directories actually work.

It’s a good thing to get the word out about your new website and what it stands for by using Seo web directorylink building technique every once in a while.

As it presently appears, this method of link building is getting much overlooked and swept under the carpet because it has much been abused, requires some work, and spammed making it seem like a wrong turn to make in link building activity.

However, In spite of this shortcoming, Seo web directory still work perfectly and in an excellent way to bring your site real targeted referral traffic which you can use for your purpose.


Here is what an authority thinks

about this linkbuilding method


Read this article on directory listing by Bruce Clay

And this article from skyrocketseo 10 verdict on common link building

For Seo web directories to work on behalf our website’s traffic needs there are certain rules to be mindful of applying when using this method of traffic generation without raising any red flags so as to bring us the result which we want.

There’s a way to properly use Seo web directories for Quality traffic generation and we are going to explore this method following 5 easy to apply rules, and that’s all you need.

Before we go into that, you may well ask:

What is a Seo web directory anyway

and what does it do?



A Seo web directory is actually a website where you can submit your website information for service listing purposes. However it is mostly used for Seo purposes with the goal of drawing leads or traffic from the host website to yours for further funneling, and this works perfectly.

In other words you can submit your sites information for listing and reference and get a Seo sure fire dose of targeted traffic ,plus, backlinks, authority signal boost and improvement on the SERP just for doing that ,and all those benefits suggest a healthy site signal to search engines which is also an added plus to your website trust.


State of The Seo Web Directory

There are thousands of Seoweb directories out there on the internet that which accept website info submissions to their web directory list. Some are good, some are bad and low quality, and some are outright ugly and can potentially ruin your site value and worth or get you penalized by Google algorithm updates that are targeted at spammy links, link farms etc.

You are free to utilize the carefully selected list of directories found at the end of this article they’re free from bad and ugly Seo web directories.

The list is actually a screened list that’s approved by many link building experts so feel free to use them for traffic generation.



2Things to Note

About SeoDirectory Submission




But there are still 2 more things to note about Seo web directories and that is

  • They’re not all free some require a few cents one time listing payment for you to make while some are out right expensive like the Yahoo web directory which cost $299.00 per year and is recurrent, that is, you are charged $299.00 every year to have your website remain listed on yahoo’s directory list. Google seem to like a listing on expensive directories like the yahoo web directory. They use the information as a yardstick to identify good quality websites


  • Some Seo web directories can be focused on niches which may not tally with your website niche or favor your main goal of getting targeted referral this all calls for the right Seo web directory targeting so as to get targeted referral traffic that tally with what your website focus is.

Now that we have a good understanding of what is involved when using a Seo web directory

We can now become well-grounded on how to safely utilize this method of link building by keeping to 5 rules.


5Rules of Safe Seo

Web Directory Usage


  • Rule 1.Research on any Seo web directory you intend to patronize for listing and Seo purposes. There are free tools online which you can use to do a quick domain information lookup.

What you need to look up include:

Seo web directory website age- use whois.sc to do this checkup the site must be age enough say up to 3 to 7 years. Age has some Seo trust quality to it as well as ranking and authority. The older the better


check the website’s page rank (must be from Pr4 upwards)-use Google toolbar or Seo book’s page rank plugin for Firefox Seobooks free page rank plugin comes with other Seo important tools which can act as an added resource towards the success of your research and the best part is that they’re all free but you will have to register for free to get Seobook’s free Seo plugins. The real value of those Seo free tools far outweighs the value in cash.


I recommend you get them to quicken your research on any web Seo directory you want to get listed in.

finally check for the website’s traffic information- use Alexa to do this checkup. (Must be high. Note: a higher number on Alexa means low traffic while a lesser number means high traffic –read how to understand Alexa traffic statistics)


  • Rule 2. Go for Relevance. Ask yourself whenever you want to list your site in a web Seo directory; is this website directory relevant to my niche?


Does it have a category that is relevant or related to my niche, or website focuses so as to bring me the right targeted traffic my website needs?


For instance, if you are on the weight loss niche you need to post your website information in the directory listing where you have the following categories: health, Fitness, etc. those categories are relevant to your sites goal and niche focus.

You don’t put your weight loss website in a furniture category listing it is outright unhealthy and will not bring you targeted traffic which you need.

Imagine getting carpenter prospects to your weight loss website. If a site isn’t relevant to your niche just ditch it.




  • Rule 4.Vary your anchor text if you do reciprocal linking with any of the website directories so as to make your backlinks look natural as possible again only do reciprocal linking with a directory that’s related to your niche. Follow this pattern for a safe natural web directory linking: 30% main keyword, 30% derivative keywords and 30% semantic key words.


Let’s say for instance you have a niche website on celebrity gossip your main keyword is ‘celebrity gossip’ related or derivative keywordcould be ‘Famous people talks’ while the distant related or semantic keyword-that’s Keywords without the main keyword in it could be ‘best talk show’ vary your keywords that way during your link building so that you look natural.


  • Rule 5 maintain a timely Directory link building sequence.

Advance rather slowly with a few links submission a day but make it regular and increasing in number each week. here is a good pattern to follow


Day 1. 10-20 niche directories

Day 2. 10-20 Rss Directories

Day 3.10-20 Citation Directories

Day 4.10 -20 wikis

Day 5. 10-20 social book marking directories

Day 6.10-20 Blog directories


Rinse and repeat each week.


You need to be patient with this and if you can use a software that you can program to do this for you safely do use it but be very patient not to build a 1000 links with your first start this isn’t natural at all.


Be consistent with your link building pattern don’t build your links spasmodically.

Every once in a while check on your backlinks to see if they’re healthy and alive

You can use any of the following backlink checking tools below to do that all important checkup.

  1. Majesticseo backlink checker tool
  2. Ahref backlinks checker tool
  3. Link Assistant software download from Seo power suite

Any of the 2 web based backlink checker software above, or link Assistant’s propriety software will do the job

Download link Assistant Free software here   (affiliate link disclosure)


Here is a link to an awesome list of selected Seo web directory which you can use for a healthy directory based link building.



How to Submit Correctly to

A web directory for SEO purpose

Well you may ask; what is the right good practical way for submitting a website to a web directory for Seo purpose? Note that I said for Seo purpose because there is a way to do this kind of submission in order to get good Seo benefit from the submission.

The question is should you use your existing site’s title and Description to do the submission or should you vary them?

This is a very important question but not so easy to answer due to variations of skills and standards in today’s SEO world.



However, here is a working practical application you can utilize and meet success.

30% main keyword in Title, Description and anchor text, 30% related keyword in Title, Description and Anchor text, and 30% Semantic keywords in Title, Description, and anchor text

Just do it and see what works for you


Did You enjoy this article? Why not share it with your friends and lists. Here’s my facebook fanpage link to help me with a share of love and appreciation







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